Cross Country Skiing

The frozen lakes and snowy plains of Latgale make for the perfect cross country skiing location. You can either go where you please across the fresh snow or do a few laps in our specially made cross country skiing. We recommend the 4-10km trip across frozen lakes with warm meals along the way, which we can supply with the help of our friends, the guest house ‘’Lejasmalas’’. The meal includes a freshly brewed fish soup with the fish caught in the nearby lakes and potatoes from the local farmers, as well as some peppermint tea-all you can ask for after a good day’s skiing. We also supply you with all the inventory needed for cross country skiing-skies, skiing poles, skiing boots that range from sizes 38 to 44. We do not supply the warm clothes needed for these activities.

Price: 14 EUR per person for the skiing gear. 35 EUR per person for the skiing trip, a guide, skiing gear and a meal. If you have your own inventory, the skiing is free of charge, of course.