We have 3 different saunas in Laimavoti: Pyramid sauna, Sanarium sauna with Jadeite stones and Himalaya salt crystals. But the very special is the floating sauna! The sauna house is set on a floating platform in the lake Cārmanis, 5 meters from the coast and is connected to the SPA house by a small bridge. The sauna is being heated with alder wood and the guests of ‘’Laimavoti’’ are supplied with besoms made out of the plants and flowers surrounding  the resort as well as from birch, linden, oak, aspen, rowan, juniper and blackcurrant branches. After spending some time in the hot sauna, we recommend a swim in the clear and completely clean Cārmanis lake. The lake is 42 meters deep, and has water that is unusually clear for this part of the world. The water is also good for drinking. While in the sauna guests can drink tea , beer or even water straight from the holy spring of nearby Aglona. We also supply our guests with fresh fruit while they are using the sauna.

Price for each sauna: 60 EUR per day.