Massages – The guests of ‘’Laimavoti’’ are offered classical, relaxing, hot stone, feet, head, anti-cellulites or sports massages with aromatic oils. All massages are done by experienced, caring and positive masseuses. The massages take place in the specially equipped massage rooms in the SPA house. We also offer a wide range of natural aromatic oils, that our guests can choose from.

During summertime we also offer massages on the terrace or even on the floating sauna platform. If the guest desires so, we can also play relaxing music or mantras during the massage. It is also possible to enjoy tea made out of herbs gathered from nearby forests and meadows, as well as fruits and juices and the water from the holy spring in Aglona.

A full body massage is 70 minutes long, and costs 45 EUR per person. Head and feet massages go on for 30 minutes and cost 40 EUR per person.