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Holiday resort and SPA ‘’Laimavoti’’


The holiday resort and SPA ‘’Laimavoti’’ can be found in a very special place-on the edge of the borders of Belorussia and the Russian Federation. It is about as far east as you can go still being in the European Union.  This is a place where different cultures, different ages and different worlds meet. ‘’Laimavoti’’ sits about 250km form the nation’s capital, Riga, in one of the most beautiful regions of Latvia-Latgale, also known as the land of blue lakes. From the total of 3000 lakes, which can be found in Latvia, 2000 of them can be found in Latgale. And 687 of those 2000 lakes can be found precisely in the Krāslava region-the place, where ‘’Laimavoti’’ is located. If you would take to air above ‘’Laimavoti’’, you could see hundreds of lakes embraced in Latgale’s beautiful hills, forests and fields as far as your vision could reach.  You could also see the white towers of the Aglona’s basilica-one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in the Baltic states, just 20km away.  When talking about Latgale and ‘’Laimavoti’’, a certain poem comes to mind. In English it would sound something like this:

“We have been given the most blue of lakes, and the most golden fields of wheat,

The whitest of birch, the darkest of bread,

And Latgale is the one, that has gotten the most sacred piece of sky,

Because the most sacred of his lands, God has given to us.’’

These are the feelings, that embrace you while in Latgale and ‘’Laimavoti’’. The very name of ‘’Laimavoti’’ itself tells you the most important thing about the place. In Latvian ‘’Laimavoti’’ stands for ‘’the spring of happiness’’-a place, where your soul can leave behind all your worldly problems, spread its wings and simply feel happy. In ‘’Laimavoti’’ you can come in touch with a special place-a place, where our love resides, where it comes together, and celebrates its existence in creation. In places like this, like Latgale, like ‘’Laimavoti’’ our true, inner journey home begins-it’s a journey, where our hearts finally find a place, where we feel truly happy and loved.

The holiday resort and SPA ‘’Laimavoti’’ is located on a peninsula, that is engulfed by the lake Cārmanis. In a way this is the edge of the world, because you can’t go anywhere further than ‘’Laimavoti’’. The road to ‘’Laimavoti’’ was specially built to grant access to the resort, and is almost 2km long. In our modern day world, that is inhabited by more than 6 billion people, ‘’Laimavoti’’ is like a sanctuary of peace, where, in an environment of love and great comfort you can peacefully enjoy the company of your loved ones or the utter silence and peace around you, and, of course, the remarkable beauty of the nature in Latgale.