Visit Latgale

Visit Latgale.

Holiday resort and SPA ‘’Laimavoti’’ is located in one of the most scenic regions of Latgale and even Latvia-the Krāslava district. Within this district, that shares the Latvian border with Belorussia and Russia, are numerous lakes and rivers and one of the highest hills in Latvia-Sauleskalns. If the weather is clear, you can see about 37 lakes from the top of it.

Just 19km from ‘’Laimavoti’’ you can find one of the central Latvian and European holy places-the Aglona basilica, built to honor the most sacred virgin Merry. It is said, that the icon in this basilica can cure ones body and soul.

Something quite contrary can be found 12km from ‘’Laimavoti’’. The mystical and legendary ‘’Devils Lake’’-a small, round lake in the middle of the forest. The water in it is in a weird tone of blue, has high viscosity and feels a lot ‘’heavier’’ than normal water. And it also has no wildlife in it.

From ‘’Laimavoti’’ you can take tours to the nearby towns and cities of Daugavpils (70km), Dagda (25km), Rēzekne (50km), Ludza, or the holy places and churches of different beliefs and religions. The people of Latgale are very open, therefore you will be a welcome guest anywhere you go. In a real Latgalic house any visitor will be fed, given a drink and even bedded, if needed.

Latgale is known even across the boarders of Latvia for its ceramic. There are multiple skilled ceramists in the areas around ‘’Laimavoti’’ you can visit if you wish so. Some of them even let you try your hand in making something.