Mushrooming – Our guests have the chance to go mushrooming in the nearby forests, that take up more than 20ha of the surrounding territory around the lake Cārmanis. In the mushroom season these forests are the perfect place for mushrooming, and you can either go just to the edge of the forest to pick some mushrooms, or take a multiple hour hike through the forest. A part of the forest has been looked after and cleaned for multiple years, but there is also a huge area, where the forest hasn’t seen any human activity and can be seen in its primal form. There is a chance you will encounter rabbits, foxes, beavers, does, martens or badgers along the way. There have been sightings of moose and boars, but that usually happens during the winter. While looking for mushrooms you can pay a visit to a very special place-the remains of an ancient Latgalic settlement, where traces of rock piles and buildings can be found. You cant really get lost in this forest, because it is located on a peninsula, engulfed by lake Cārmanis, so as long as you follow the coast, you can find your way home. During the mushroom season you can come across all known mushroom species in Latvia. And maybe even some no one has ever heard about. After you’re done, we will turn your mushrooms into a delicious meal. We will also provide you with everything you could need for mushrooming-baskets, knifes and a pair of rubber boots if you need them. All of this is free of charge for ‘’Laimavoti’’ guests. You will only pay a little extra to our chefs for preparing the mushrooms for you.