Tartaka – This is one of the fastest flowing rivers in Latvia, and it begins its flow from the holy and scenic Aglona, and finally unites with the big Daugava. A ride down Tartaka sure is a ride to remember. The fast flow of the river mixed together with rapids, waterfalls, fallen trees and scenic views is a great workout for your muscles and an even better relaxation for your mind.

We offer our guests safe and comfortable canoe type boats with padded seats and professional paddles. All your belongings will be stored in waterproof compartments. While boating, the guests of ‘’Laimavoti’’ can enjoy various beverages and snacks we pack in for you. There are single and double boats, and if necessary,  we can also put in a special seat for your children.

Price: 35 EUR per boat, including the transfer to/from the river and snacks/drinks. If you use less than 3 boats, we may charge extra for transfers.