Transportation services


Our guests are offered various options of transport to ‘’Laimavoti’’ or any other place in the Baltic states. We offer our guests two comfortable cars-a Land Rover Discovery 3 (year 2008.) and a Range Rover 2015. A trip from the edge of Riga to holiday resort and SPA ‘’Laimavoti’’ takes 3-4 hours depending on how frequent the stops are along the road. The journey usually seems shorter than it should because our guests can see the beautiful river Daugava along the way. Price for Land Rover Discovery is 250 EUR per day, including fuel and a driver and price for Range Rover is 400 EUR per day including fuel and driver.

Another transport option to ‘’Laimavoti’’  is a thrilling helicopter ride. ‘’Laimavoti’’ owns a Robinson 44 Clipper 2 helicopter, that has 4 seats (1 pilot, 3 passengers) and is piloted by the most experienced helicopter pilot in Latvia-Vladimir Vasiljev. Vladimir has been flying from year 1974. and has more that 14 000 flying hours under his belt. The flight can begin from the Riga airport or various locations in Riga, Jūrmala, Riga region, Ādaži, or any place where the helicopter can land and the land owner agrees with it. From thease locations it takes about an hour for the guests to arrive at ‘’Laimavoti’’. A helicopter ride is not only faster, but definitely a way more thrilling way to get to ‘’Laimavoti’’ and allows our guests to witness the beauty of the nature in Latvia from a birds eye view. Price: 500 EUR per hour.

All the prices are shown without the added value tax (PVN).

If you stay at ‘’Laimavoti’’ for more than 2 days we are happy to offer you a 10% discount. We can also discuss various discounts on some of our activities and services, if they are used by more that 6 guests a day.

We are confident, that if any questions will arise, we will have the answers, so feel free to ask us anything.

In true love, patience and respect,

The owners of Holiday resort and SPA ‘’Laimavoti’’.