Lake house

Lake house – the house is set on a slope, at the very edge of the lake C─ürmanis. It has two cozy bedrooms with a single double bed and two single beds. The house also has a parlor with a fireplace, TV, DVD, stereo and comfortable furniture, a small kitchen with everything you could need to make a delicious meal, and bathroom with a shower. The lake house also has a wide terrace with a hammock. There’s everything  you could wish for a comfortable living-high quality bedding, towels and even a big collection of movie and concert DVD’s  that you can watch when the weather isn’t so good or your tired after a long day of outdoor activities. At times, when weather takes a turn for the worst, the guests of ‘’Laimavoti’’ can wrap themselves in big, warm blankets, lie down on the comfortable couch and watch a movie or two while sipping tea and feeling the warmth from the fireplace. You can also find a lot of interesting board games in the lake house, but be warned-sometimes these games get so interesting, that you could miss your bedtime by hours.

Price: 190 EUR per night, for two nights 320 EUR, for three and more nights 150 EUR per night. In the Lake house can stay overnight 4 persons.