A boat trip

A boat trip – ‘’Laimavoti’’ offers its guests a boat trip, that takes you down some of the most beautiful rivers in Latgale, like Dubna, Tartaka and the biggest river in Latvia-Daugava, as well as some smaller ones that a very few people know about. 

‘’The river of faith’’. That is how Daugava is called in Latvian folklore. And only in Latgale you can witness the unchanged primal beauty of Daugava. Only in Latgale Daugava still retains its natural flow and isn’t tamed and disrupted by hydroelectric power plants and dams. The national park ‘’Daugavas loki’’ is worth some special attention. Loki in Latvian means ‘’bends’’ or ‘’curves’’ and in this park Daugava makes big, scenic curves thru the 48km long section of the river. It is known as the most beautiful and scenic part of the whole river.