Ice skating

Ice skating – ‘’Laimavoti’’ strongly advises that anyone should try ice skating on a frozen lake before snowfall at least once in their life. The chance of this isn’t too high, because the combination of a ice thick enough for skating and the lack of snow usually lasts just a couple of days. The feeling is extraordinary-you are embraced by the silent winter, and just the sound of skates cutting the ice accompanies you. You can also take a look through the ice see a few fish if you’re lucky. We have had the chance to skate on the ice before snowfall just 3 times in the past 10 years. Besides that we offer ice skating all through the winter (if the lake is frozen) on a specially formed and cleared area, on which you can either skate your heart out or take a shot in the Latvian national sport-ice hockey. We supply both figure skating and hockey skates from sizes 38. to 44.

Price: 14 EUR per person. If you have your own skates, the skating is free of charge.