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About us

We has been working since 2006 and we has integrated into the European market, supplied a lot of compatible and high-quality customized services, and became the reliable partner of many travel Agencies worldwide. We are working with clients from Great Britain, France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Austria and many others.


That fact has truly encouraged us to continue the same path we started. We are dedicated to service excellence that help us to receive customer’s trust, and we believe that our customers will have the best travel experience if they feel confident and carefree. We are always performing to the highest of your expectations and earning the trust that fosters long-term relationships.

You can receive the best support from our helpful consultants. Our mission is to constantly evolve with the demands and needs of our customers, while always staying true to our values. We are adapting to all your requests and offers a wide range of vehicles ranging from standard to prestige.

Company information

Nr TVA: FR83 534860481

LICENSE Nr: 2015/11/0003333


75001 PARIS


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E-mail: [email protected]

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +33 669 24 89 77

Phone: +33 659 17 21 02